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I started collecting coins as early as 1995 when the 100 lira denominations removed from cirlucation. But it was more like "hoarding" more then "collecting". I dived into the world of coin collection in February 2004 by purchasing my first Turkish brass and nickel coins and a few Ottoman nickels. To me, having the same type minted in different years was not exciting so my coin album filled pretty quickly. Then I moved to World Coins, where I gained a lot of friends all over the world by swapping coins. Along with it, I got interested in the ancient world. I have tried to collect a broad range of periods from ancient Greek to Islamic era for a quite some time and finally settled on the Ilkhans in 2014. These are the coins that makes me tremble.


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This website, hopefully will serve as a general reference for all the fellow Ilkhan coin collectors and researchers. In contrast to common belief, I believe that information should be free and accesible for anyone who needs it. So it is absolutely free for your own use and distribute the work as long as you attribute this website.

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It is hard to read Ilkhan coins. It might be complicated to understand where the mint, date and khan names written on coins, it is specially hard in the beginning... This website, which we are working on for the last few months, is growing with the help of excellent collectors around the world. Although it is not complete yet, I belive this version would readily serve as a good reference for Ilkhans.

Last update on Jul 28th, 2019.

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Turkmen archaeologists have discovered an Ilkhan treasure!
Written by Embassy of Turkmenistan in Afghanistan and Aleksandr Bayriev, Edited by Yigit Altay

Turkmen archeologists have discovered an Ilkhan coin hoard consisting of 91 silver dirhams in June 2019 during an archaeological research in a mausoleum of Turkmen medieval clergyman, Suf Mean Baba. The hoard includes 47 pieces of Abaqa and 36 pieces of Arghun.

The First Bronze Coin of Ghazan II Unearthed!
Written by Yigit Altay

Ghazan II is the last Ilkhan ruler (Mongols of Persia) and all of his coins are very rare. As noted by Stephen Album, although some Ghazan's coins (type A below) from Tabriz were already published in the 1850's, they were misattributed to the Jalayrid Shaykh Hasan, as "Hasan" and "Ghazan" are usually written identically in Uighur ("Gasan")....

Three Hares in Ilkhan Coinage
Written by Yigit Altay

Three hare figure can be found in many sacred sites in mid- and far-east, churches in Devon region in England and even some synagogues in Europe. This figure consists of three hares that chases each other. Each single ear is shared by two hares and thus figure has three fold rotational symmetry.

Coin Talks No.1: Daryl Rhoades II
Written by Coin Talks Series

In the first interview of Coin Talks series we are hosting Daryl Rhoades II, a collector and researcher of Roman Imperial coins. He is the administrator of ancientcoins Facebook group and runs the "Ancient Whitesheet" website where he developed the "Ancient Coin Visual Keyboard".

Focus Stacking in Numismatic Photography
Written by Yigit Altay

Focus stacking is an absolutely great technique to achive good focus on coins, especially with the high relief coins or coins with a distorted shape or uneven surface. It only requires multiple images at different focus points. Then in photoshop they are merged into a single image where each image contributes to the final image with their focused areas.

Ilkhans Library
Written by Yigit Altay

Here you can find a list of books and publications on Ilkhans and Mongols. You must have these books, which are not only coin catalogs but references on the history and culture of Ilkhans, in your library.

Website of the Month

In 1990, the University of Tübingen founded a research center dedicated to Islamic Numismatics; the associated coin collection is today one of the three largest and most important in the world. The FINT has a very good specialized hand and a research library.

Hopefully altaycoins.com will serve as a general reference for all the fellow Ilkhan coin collectors and researchers. In contrast to common belief, I believe that information should be free and accesible for anyone who needs it...