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Coin Talks No.1: Daryl Rhoades II
In the first interview of Coin Talks series we are hosting Daryl Rhoades II, a collector and researcher of Roman Imperial coins. He is the administrator of ancientcoins Facebook group and runs the "Ancient Whitesheet" website where he developed the "Ancient Coin Visual Keyboard".
Writer: Coin Talks Series
Collection Talks
We have started a Collection Talks session. If you want to join the project, download the form, fill it and send it back!
Writer: Yiğit Altay
Focus Stacking in Numismatic Photography
Focus stacking is an absolutely great technique to achive good focus on coins, especially with the high relief coins or coins with a distorted shape or uneven surface. It only requires multiple images at different focus points. Then in photoshop they are merged into a single image where each image contributes to the final image with their focused areas.
Writer: Yigit Altay
Ilkhans Library
Here you can find a list of books and publications on Ilkhans and Mongols. You must have these books, which are not only coin catalogs but references on the history and culture of Ilkhans, in your library.
Writer: Yigit Altay
Numismatic Photography
Even if you don't build a website for yourself, it is a must to take high quality photos of your coins in your collection. It might frighten you to take high quality photos in the beginning. But with in a few simple steps, you can take great photos of coins in your collection.
Writer: Yigit Altay
Ilkhanid Mints
There are more than 250 mints confirmed for Ilkhanids and new mints are still being discovered. Here, you can reach the locations of more than 200 mints.
Writer: Yiğit Altay
How to read Ilkhanid Coins
In contrast to modern coins, it is a hard work to study Islamic coins for a foreigner of the Arabic. Online and published resources on Ilkhanid coins are not satisfactory to fulfil the requirement for teaching Ilkhanid coins. In this article it is intended to teach basics of Ilkhanid coins in terms of reading dates, mints and Khan names.
Writer: Yigit Altay
Famous coins VOC ship The Flying Deer
The Royal Dutch Mint has managed to get hold of authentic VOC coins include the famous ship wreck the Flying Deer! On February 3, 1735 the VOC ship departed for the East Indies. The Flying Deer is 18 km off the coast of Vlissingen dangers on a sandbank. The wreck was discovered in September 1981 which include a treasure chest with gold coins and silver drivers have been found. In Royal Dutch Mint online store are now a small number of silver Riders from the ship and a very small number of Gold D
Writer: Yigit Altay
How to Photograph Your Coins
Taking good quality pictures of coins is a must, even if you don’t build a website. Cataloging your coins is essential as your collection grow. Achieving good quality photos can seem intimidating. However, there are some simple techniques which even amateur photographers can use to obtain dramatic results with minimal effort. You might think that the key component is the camera. It’s wrong. The keys to good coin photography are focus and lighting.
Writer: Yigit Altay
How to Handle & Clean Your Coins
At first you may be skeptical of the information in this section, but it’s important advice that will stay with you as long as you collect. We all are used to touching and holding coins. You pull out a handful and spend them, or pay for something and put the rest back in your pocket or purse. How did you hold the coins you used? Most likely you made one of the most common of mistakes in handling coins for a collection. You held the coin between your thumb and finger, pressed on the front a
Writer: Alan Herbert
10 years in Coin Collection
I couldn't believe when I realised that it has been 10 years since I have started to collect coins.On 22 Feb 2004, after a high school exam, I went to an arcade in Kızılay, Ankara to have a look on coins at a store. That day I have bought 5 coins...
Writer: Yigit Altay
Grading Ancient Coins
If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is how subjective grading has become. Many dealers are conservative graders while others grade liberally. Then you have the outright ridiculous seller on eBay that will list a bright, shinny slug as "VF+++". While it is certainly true that grading has become less important than in the past because of digital photography, it is still an important skill that any serious collector and all dealers should become familiar with...
Writer: Alfredo De La Fe
Coins of Olympia
The sanctuary of Olympia, dedicated primarily to Olympian Zeus, King of the Gods, and Hera, his consort, was a complex of temples and treasuries, including the twelve metre-high ivory and gold statue of Zeus which numbered among the wonders of the world...
Writer: Spink
Syracusan Dekadrachm by Euainetos
A remarkable silver dekadrachm of Syracuse, c. 400 B.C., signed by the artist Euainetos. Its weight is 43.042g, and diameter 35.9mm, with an axis of 90°. Its reference is Gallatin C.XII/R.IV
Writer: ANA
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