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::: Collection of Yiğit Altay

Ilkhans, Abaqa, AR  1 Dirham, Tabriz , Shuhur (6)70 AH.

Ruler Type Unit Mint Date Weight, gr Dia., mm ID
Abaqa Qaan al-'adil 1 Dirham Tabriz Shuhur (6)70 AH 2.89 g 21 mm 375

la ilah illa allah / wahdahu la sharika lahu / muhammad rasul allah / salla allah 'alayhi / wa-sallama in the center: al-qa'an al-a / 'zam al-'adil. around: darb tabriz fi shuhur sana sab'in (wa-sittami'a)
Notes and References:

Album 2133, Diler 102.

Anonymous قاان العادل Dirhem, reverse center in hexafoil and nakshi calligraphy very similar to coins of Kaykhusraw III. Also struck in a few other mints of the Jibal and Azerbaijan, notably Kashan and Hamadan, only Tabriz is relatively common, but rare with legible date & mint.
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