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::: Collection of Yiğit Altay

Uljaytu, AR  2 Dirham, (Sawah), 7(09) AH.

Ruler Type Unit Mint Date Weight, gr Dia., mm ID
Uljaytu B 2 Dirham (Sawah) 7(09) AH 3.98 g 24 mm 377

in the middle: la ilah illa allah / muhammad / rasul allah / ali veli-allah / dolphin to the right. on the sides: bism / allah / al-karim. around: allahma salla 'ala muhammed ve-'ali ve-hasan ve-huseyin ve-'ali ve-muhammed ve-ja'far ve-musa ve-'ali ve-muhammed ve-'ali ve'l-hasan ve-muhammed. in the middle: duribe fi / ayyam dawla al-mawla / al-sultan al-a'zam malik riqab / al-umam Uljaytu sultan giyath / al-dunya wa'l-din khudabende muhammed / khallada allah / mulkahu. around: li-llah al-amr mim qabl wa-mim ba'd / Uljaitu Sultan (Uyghur) / ... / ...
Notes and References:

Diler 365, Album 2184.

Diler in his book of Ilkhans does mention this variant with a dolphin on the footnote 2096 in an undisclosed private collection. This is the second example known so far.

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