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::: Collection of Yiğit Altay

Ilkhans, Taghay Timur, AR  6 Dirham, (Amul), DM.

Ruler Type Unit Mint Date Weight, gr Dia., mm ID
Taghay Timur KA 6 Dirham (Amul) DM 4.14 g 22 mm 371

in the center: la ilah illa allah / muhammad / rasul allah. on the sides: allahuma salla / 'ala wa'l-hasan / wa-muhammad wa-ja'far / muhammad 'ali. around: muhammad / 'ali / muhammad wa- / al-husayin / 'ali / musa / 'ali wa- / al-hasan (in the center: al-sultan al-'alim / taghay timur khan / khallada allah mulkahu. around: darb / amul / fi sana / ... / ... / ...)
Notes and References:

Type KA. Album 2240C, Diler 728, S.

Mithqal standard, shi'ite obverse with the names of the 12 imams added to the obverse field. Struck at Amul & Jurjan dated 738, and at amul 743-746. This type is most likely introduced after the local types of amul which are all dates 742 only. It is not known why so many examples of this type bore the frozen date 738, much more common than 743-746.
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