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::: Collection of Yiğit Altay

Ilkhans, Abaqa, AR  1 Dirham, (Tiflis), (1) Muharram 660 AH.

Ruler Type Unit Mint Date Weight, gr Dia., mm ID
Abaqa Qaan al-'adil 2 1 Dirham (Tiflis) (1) Muharram 660 AH 2.34 g 19 mm 372

la ilah il / fi muharram sene sittin sittami'a / la allah wahdahu la / sharika lahu qaan / al-'adil
Notes and References:

Bennett 281a, Album 2135, S.

Anonymous قاان العادل "Kaaniki"-Dirhem. Actual date should presumably be 666AH, without sanat with the first word presumably "sitta" for 6. With a "fi" at the beginning of the line. See Album Auction # 28, lot 648 (this coin).
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