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::: Collection of Yiğit Altay

Ilkhans, Uljaytu, AR  2 Dirham, Qaysariya, 712 AH.

Ruler Type Denomination Mint Date Weight, gr Dia., mm ID
Uljaytu B 2 Dirham Qaysariya 712 AH 1.63 21.0 298

in the middle: la ilah illa allah / muhammed / rasul allah / ali veli-allah / kayseriye. on the sides: bism / allah / al-karim. around: allahma salla 'ala muhammed ve-'ali ve-hasan ve-huseyin ve-'ali ve-muhammed ve-ja'far ve-musa ve-'ali ve-muhammed ve-'ali ve'l-hasan ve-muhammed. in the middle: duribe fi / ayyam dawla al-mawla / al-sultan al-a'zam malik riqab / al-umam Uljaytu sultan giyath / al-dunya wa'l-din khudabende muhammed / khallada allah / mulkahu. around: li-llah al-amr mim qabl wa-mim ba'd / ( Uljaytu Sultan (Uyghur) )/ darb kayseriye / sana ithnayn ashra sab'a mi'a.
Notes and References:

A-2185, Zeno #179016

Update July 2017:

Type B, quatrefoil/inner circle type Mint Kayseriye written in different style. The low weight and style of legend might suggest that this type could rather be a local contemporary imitation. This type requires further study.

Update February 2018:

In the picture below, you can see exact replicates of 12 silver dirhams (mint, kayseriye; date, 712 AH) of Uljaytu being also identical to the coin, above, in my collection. Thus it is understood that it is not a contemporary imitation but a product of modern forgery. Identical weaknesses on the observe at 4 o'clock and reverse at 1 o'clock can be recognized easily. It is likely produced by pressure casting using transfer dies.

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