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::: Collection of Yiğit Altay

Ilkhans, Abaqa, AR  1 Dirham, Jurjan, Ghurrat Sha'ban 679.

Ruler Type Mint Date Weight, gr Dia., mm ID
Abaqa Qaan al-'Adil 1 Dirham Jurjan Ghurrat Sha'ban 679 2.75 21.00 458

Obverse Field
  Reverse Field
la ilah illa allah
muhammad rasul allah
salla allah 'alayhi
  qaan al-
adil al-a-
Obverse Margin
  Reverse Margin
duribe jurjan / fi ghurrat shaban sene / duribe jurjan / ...  

Album 2136, Diler 100. (RR)

Known minted in AH 679. One of the few Islamic coins dated by the year, month and day. Ghurrat refers to first day or the beginning of the month.


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