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Ilkhans, Abu Sa´id, AR  2 Dirham, Khurtu, Khani 33.

Ruler Type Mint Date Weight, gr Dia., mm ID
Abu Sa´id H 2 Dirham Khurtu Khani 33 2.69 22.00 451

Obverse Field
  Reverse Field
la ilah illa allah muhammad rasul allah salla allah 'alayhi (see note)   al-sultan al-'alim al-'adil
bahadur khan khallada mulkahu
Obverse Margin
  Reverse Margin
uthman / 'umar / 'abu bakr / 'ali   duribe fi / sene thaman / wa-thamanin / wa-al-khaniya

Album 2218.1, Diler 542. (RR mint)

The Kalima in a spiraled Kûfi script.

The date is given in the Khani calendar, a solar calendar invented by the Ilkhans and based on year one commencing in 701 Hijri. Thus year 33 corresponds to 734/735.

The mint Khurtu (Hortu) is a village near town Sivrihisar (near Afyon) in the west part of Central Anatolia. It is also known as the birthplace of Nasreddin Hodja.
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