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::: Collection of Yiğit Altay

Ilkhans, Uljaytu, AE  Fals, Mint
missing, 7xx.

Ruler Type Mint Date Weight, gr Dia., mm ID
Uljaytu Lion (right) and sun Fals Mint
7xx 5.00 24.00 448

Obverse Field
  Reverse Field
la ilah illa
allah muhammad
rasul allah
'ali wali allah
  uljaytu sultan
muhammad khallada mulkahu
(pictorial): lion (right) with rising sun
Obverse Margin
  Reverse Margin
allahma salla 'ala muhammad wa-'ali wa-hasan wa-husayn wa-'ali wa-muhammad wa-ja'far wa-musa wa-'ali wa-muhammad wa-'ali wa'l-hasan wa-muhammad   ... / sab'ami'a / ...

Album 2190, Diler 439, Tokakte ULJ#21. ()

Pictorial: Lion (right) with rising sun.
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