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I have started an interview session called "Collection Talks". In contrast to traditional interviews, interviewees can voluntarily do the interview by answering the questions that can be found in the link below. I tried to include many different aspects in the questions so that an enthusiastic reader would have fun.

All you need to join Collection Talks is to collect coins. It does not matter if you are collecting since 6 months or 60 years.

If you would like to join the project, just download and fill the form and send it to info@altaycoins.com with a lot of photos!

I have started collecting coins in 2002 by collecting Turkish Republic coins, and then moved into Modern World Coins where I stopped in 2015 with about 10.000 different types in my collection. In 2006, I have developed an interest in Anatolian medieval and ancient coins with a particular interest in Ilkhans. As the years pass, I faced a lot of difficulties and decided to specialize on Ilkhans. My website, altaycoins.com is established in 2008 and since then, I dedicate myself to share information publicly for free. I am investing a lot time and money to improve my website (both technical infrastructure and the content). I believe ilkhans.altaycoins.com (a subdomain dedicated for Ilkhan coinage education) became a reference site for a lot of collectors and academics (based on the feedback I got from people).

For me collecting coins is more then hoarding a stack of coins minted some time ago. At the times when I was collecting coins that I came across, I faced a lot of problems and I had to solve it myself. But as I establish connections with people all around the world, I understood that I have rediscovered America many times. In the mean time, I learnt a lot by reading and/or watching interviews with the great collectors. And now, I would like to include more contributions from my fellow coin collectors in my website. I would like to interview with a long-time collector, where people can see how this hobby was 20-30 years ago. I would like to interview with a new collector who has just started to build a collection and would like to see what other people think about our hobby in common, what difficulties they are facing today. I would like to interview with a dealer or an auction house that can tell us different aspects of coin collecting.

I actually wanted to do the interviews personally but as a scientist, I cannot find time to travel and do the interviews by myself. For some of the collectors, still I really want to do that. I developed this idea in the last 2 years and waited until I find a good way of doing it. And then I found this website. It is a blog that shares the experiences of Turkish people (or people from Turkey as they did intentionally use to cover all the ethnicities) living abroad. In this website, there are question that you can copy paste and fill the answers. I enjoyed reading it as I am currently an expat too. And I find similarities with the project that I want to make. And as a result, I decided to use their approach which was successfully represented in their website.

I am just a scientist and a collector who thinks information should be, in contrast to common belief and practice, free and accesible for anyone who needs it. I am not trying to increase my visitor count simply because I am not making profit in any sense but satisfaction of being useful to the community that I feel I am belong to. I have incorporated Google Analytics on my website to improve it, for example by looking at the web browsers that visitors use. If my visitors does not use Chrome browser, I don't need to make improvements that is required by Chrome. Besides that, seeing where my visitors is from is just fun.

With this intended interview sessions, I would like to do something that has not been done before, and something that I would love to read if someone else did it. Imagine that Harlan Berk, Steve Album, David Sear filling this interview. Wouldn't it be interesting? I would love to read it!

So I am not a guy asking for personal information or any information that risks the security of the person. But still, if anyone doubts about it can send replies anonymously. Because I am not after the answers of only big names but opinions of any collector. Additionally, all the questions are written in a flexible way that everybody collecting anything can fill. Even a map or stamp collector can fill it if you replace the word "coin".

1. When and how did you start collecting? What was attracting your interest?

2. Could you please let us know about yourself? What do you do besides collecting coins?

3. Could you tell more about your collection? What is the subject of your collection and why did you choose this one specifically?

4. Why collecting (coins) is important? What's its contribution to personal development? Can anyone become a collector?

5. Could you talk a bit on the possible difficulties in collecting? What are the challenges you have experienced personally?

6. What are your dreams/plans about your collection?

7. What is/are your favorite piece(s) in your collection? What is the biggest factor in choosing this coin?

8. How do you store your collection? In your opinion, what is the best method to preserve coins?

9. Coins are not the favorite pieces of museums as it is difficult to display a object with two faces. How would you describe the best way to display coins? Could you also give examples to those museums that have amazing displays?

10. In connection with the previous question, what do you think about the importance of internet in connection with the display of coin collections? And where do you share your collection (personal website, Facebook, Instagram etc.).

11. How do you store inventory of your collection? (By means of photographing and documentation) If you take photos of your coins, could you please share a photo of your photography setup with us?

12. Do you clean coins in your collection? What do you think about restoration and conservation of coins?

13. Do you have any interesting memories as a coin collector?

14. Have you ever think about turning your hobby into your profession? Or do you have any work on publishing books or articles?

15. Is it logical to collect coins as investment? Or let's put it this way, why should people collect coins?

16. What do you think about the future of your collection?

17. Do you have any suggestions or an advice to the people who has just started or want to start collecting coins?

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