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Wauw! I couldn't believe when I realised that it has been 10 years since I have started to collect coins.On 22 Feb 2004, after a high school exam, I went to an arcade in Kızılay, Ankara to have a look on coins at a store. That day I have bought 5 coins and paid 30 Turkish Liras (which is about 10 euros). When I back home, my mom yelled at me. According to her it was ridiculous to spend money on old coins. I continued to go that coin store and my collection become bigger and bigger every passing day. And eventually my parents started to join me :)I started with Turkish Republic coins, than continued with Ottomans, world coins and finally ancient coins. Now I have a almost complete set of Turkish Republic coins (except 1/2 kurush), more than 10.000 world coins, and a small collection (slightly larger than 500 coins) of ancient and Ottoman coins. I have swapped coins with more than 100 people all over the world in last 10 years. It is amazing because we haven't just swapped coins but cultures, experiences, gifts and knowledge.Until today, I saw maybe more than 100.000 coins, so I have decided to make a top 10 list for today.So lets start.

No. 1 Seljuks of Rum. Ghiyath al-Din Kay Khusraw II bin Kay Qubadh. AH 634-644 / AD 1237-1246. AR Dirhem (22mm, 2.99 g, 2h). Konya mint. Dated AH 639 (AD 1241/2)

No. 2 Greek, Larissa, Thessaly, 2nd C. BC. AE Tetrachalkon, 22mm, 7.05g.

No.3 Ottoman Empire, Süleyman I, 1520-1566 (“Sulayman the Magnificent”), AV sultani, Misr mint, AH 926, A-1317.

No.4  East Africa, 1 Shilling 1924.


No.5 USA, Half Dollar, 1921

No. 6 Ilkhans, Ghazan Mahmud, Aksehir 699AH, AR Dirham.

No. 7 Austria, Evolution, 2014, Commemorative.

No. 8 Ottoman Empire. Ahmed III ib Muhammad (1115-1143 H. / 1703-1730 AD). 5 ashrafi 1115.

No. 9 Greek, Siciliy, Drachma, 450 BC.

No.10 Turkey, 100 Kurush, 1934.












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