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2018 - January
Numismatik Lans, one of the most prestigious auction houses in Europe, is offering excellent sellection of Islamic coins too.
2017 - December
Stephen Album Rare Coins is an American company specializing in ancient, Islamic, Indian, Chinese and modern world coins. The company produces monthly fixed-price catalogs and three major auctions each year, in January, May, and in September.
2017 - November
The largest numismatic auction house and coin dealer in Belgium. Ancients, medieval, modern coins and medals. Large numismatic book store.
2017 - October
ancientmoney.org is a project for ancient coins to photograph them at highest possible resolution with true color. Worth to visit even only for the excellent image quality.
2017 - September
The Zecchi Company was founded in Florence on 1896. With the third generation of craftsmen, Alberto Zecchi continued the tradition of his father and his grandfather and extended his own supply by proposing a brand new series of articles for collector
2017 - August
acsearch.info is an auction database containing numismatic auctions from various renowned international auction houses. The database in part goes back more than 17 years and contains pictures, descriptions and realized prices in several currencies. T
2017 - July
Online Coin Club - a reference site for coin collectors with information about the history of coins, mints, mintage, descriptions, varieties etc.
2017 - June
Index Anatolicus is the Turkish settlement database. The aim of the project is to document all the names and epithets of settlements that are inside Turkish borders. It contains 42227 settlements with 33026 old names.
2017 - May
Coinweek.com is a blog on all types of coins as well as paper money. Highly recommended to get updated on US, world coins, and auctions.
2017 - April
Ilkhanid coins collection of Christian Rasmussen. It can be used as a reference site for Ilkhanid coins!
2017 - March
Solidus Numizmatik is a auction house based in Munich (Germany). Although they are specialised in Roman and Byzantine coins, fair number of Islamic coins can be found in their auctions. Highly recommended.
2017 - February
Coin collection website of Koray Selcik, who has started collecting coins at the age of 7 with Turkish republic papermoney and coins.
2017 - January
Personal collection website of Hasan Beden
2016 - December
The Oriental Numismatic Society (ONS) was founded in 1970 to foster interest in the study and collection of all series of oriental coinage, from North Africa and Muslim Spain to the Far East. Open to amateurs and professionals alike, it now has over
2015 - November
Private collection of Dr. Erol Olcas mainly on the Greek and Ottoman Coins. It is a bit difficult to use the website since there is no sub folders.
2015 - October
Balcoins.com contains private Anatolian coins collection of Dr. Şevkullah Bal. You can find really nice examples of Anatolian coinage.
2014 - November
The Poinsignon Numismatique, which I have discovered during my trip to Strasbourg, has one of the largest Islamic coin collection in Europe. Especially see Ottoman and Seljuk of Rum coins.
2014 - October
One of the largest collection of reference books, symposium abstracts and magazines in the ZeroBooks online store.
2014 - September
Schulman b.v. is the oldest auction house in the Netherlands. They organize 3 auctions in a year. You can find fixed-priced items in their websites.
2014 - August
Rondomons.nl founded by Hans Verschoor has a wide range selection of islamic coins.
2014 - July
NumisCollect offers a range variety of coins for euro coin and world commemorative coin collectors. They accept bit coins!
2014 - May
They offer world coin collectors and world currency collectors a wide variety of interesting, fun, unusual and historic foreign coins and paper money. Included are items from ancient times to the latest new issues.
2014 - April
Royal Dutch Mint. Site offers mainly Dutch circulation and commemorative coins. It is possible to purchase world coins and Leuchttrum supplements.
2014 - March
Medieval Coins Group is a place for the collectors and students of Medieval Numismatics to share knowledge and information about Medieval European and Crusader coins. The group is for the novice and the experienced alike. A place to meet, exchange th
2009 - August
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