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Mariano Storni Buenos Aires World coins World coins and banknotes from argentina and phonecards. Detail
Sergio Gomez Concordia - Entre Rios Monedas Monedas, calendarios, boligrafos de publicidad. Detail
Graciela Zakidalski N/A Coins Coins du mundo Detail
Daniel Rosti Venado Tuerto- Santa Fe World coins Coins from argentina, brasil, uruguay, venezuela, etc Detail
Rodrigo Spano Campinas, SP World banknotes Brazilian and world banknotes Detail
Márcio Afonso Santos-SP Coins and unc banknotes of the all countries. Coins, banknotes, phonecards and stamps. Detail
Ricardo Grillo São Paulo World coins and bank notes Coins and bank notes from brazil and someones from the rest of the world Detail
Edimar Fernando Lorenzi Terra Boa, Paraná Moedas do mundo todo Moedas, cedulas, selos e cartões telefonicos Detail
Raúl Luengo Concepción World coins and stamps World coins Detail
Mick Carcamo Puerto Varas Coins of the world Phone card, coins, of chile and sudamerica.- Detail
Luis Guzmán Ambiado Talcahuano, Concepción Monedas mundiales, también puedo ofrecer billetes, tarjetas telefónicas, boletos de bus, sellos Monedas mundiales y chilenas Detail
Wu Xiangyu Kai Feng Great Mongols, Golden Horde, Chaghatayid and Ilkhans coins Detail
Andreas Antoniou Larnaca Cyprus banknotes and coins any cyprus proof sets and proof coins Cyprus banknotes and coins any cyprus proof sets and proof coins Detail
Michael Onisiforou Nicosia World coins by date. ı collect world coins by year. my special interest is old coins, german and third reich, unusual shapes, errors and holed coins. don't hesitate to send me a message. ı'll answer within 24 hours. Cyprus and world coins Detail
Petkanis Alexandros Nicosia Euro coins from finland, ıreland, luxembourg and world coins Greek, german, dutch, ıtalian, belgian, french euros and cyprus coins (ı only swap) Detail
Stelios Avgousti Nicosia World coins and banknotes World coins and banknotes Detail
Yiannis Ioannou Nicosia Coins and telecards Coins, telecards and stamps Detail
Julio Cesar Quito World bank notes To swap or sell , many bank notes from cuba and ecuador, some ancient bank notes, also i have a lot of world coins , some silver coins , around the world. Detail
David Mikeladze Tbilisi 1.coins of / for georgia ( early and medieval, and modern) 2.african coins 1700-today Coins, banknotes, phonecards, stamps, cig.packs, calendars, magnets, any other collectible from my country and region. will do my best. more than 20 year experience of international swaps Detail
Temo Gabriadze Tbilisi 1. coins minted in georgia (ancient, medieval, modern) or coins in connection with georgia. 2. ancient coins, greece, rome (with slight interest in byzantium) Coins from georgia and region and other collectibles. Detail
Maik Mueller Bruechau I swap and buy asian blocks and mini-sheets (ı prefer china and japan) and coins. I swap coins and stamps (blocks, mini-sheets) from all over the world. Detail
Burak Cebeci Frankfurt am Main Arab-byzantine, umayyad ae, artuqids, zangids, danishmendids, ayyubids, chach, ferghana, penjikent, otrar, soghd, huns, xiognu objects, mushroom cult items Roman, greek, byzantine, crusaders and ıslamic coins Detail
Costa Cotsilinis Athens Portugal euro blister 2007 Euro 150 Detail
George Antoniou Athens, Attica World coins. ıf you want to swap, email me your doubles list and ı'll answer soon Greek and world coins Detail
Nikos Doudoulakis Chania, Crete World coins World coins Detail
Papakos Nikos Patra, Axaia World, euro and commemorative coins World, euro and commemorative coins Detail
Papapetrou Patroklos Thessaloniki Euro coins Euro coins, patterns, proof sets, bu sets, theme sets, commemoratives Detail
Heber Alvarez Guetamala World banknotes World banknotes and notes of guatemala Detail
praveen Bangalore World coins and banknotes, polymers , bimetals, fancy numbers, odd shape coins...etc İndian coins and banknotes, coins dated from 1900 to 2008, comomaratives, british india,republica india Detail
Senthil Kumar Coimbatore Turkey old obselete bank notes Detail
Rajash Kumar Kanpur I have old gold coins. I have british coins. I want to sell them. Please send mail Old gold coins Detail
Rony Ghose Silchar, Assam I collect circulating coins of all countries and also got special ınterest ın silver coins. My swap list of coins and notes can be found on my website. ın addition to the coins listed in my swap list, ı can also provide banknotes, stamps and phonecards in exchange of world coins. Detail
Yousef Tehran Persian, Parthian, Sassanian, Arab Sassanian, Umayad, Ilkhanid and Abbasid coins Detail
Salah Abraheem Baghdad I need silver coins and block's banknotes worldwide . I can offer iraq and arabic coins , banknotes , postcards , phonecards , beer labels , police hats , patches , helmets , coasters , all etc hobbıes ..ok Detail
Sarmmed Ghidan Baghdad Ww banknotes and silver coins and euro coins any country Iraq coins and WWI I have alsit , and banknotes ( ıraq proof banknotes very rare ) Detail
Osama Altaib Tripoli, Libya World coins Libya banknotes and arabic Detail
Peter van Venrooij Alkmaar All coins, all types, all years from all countries A lot of coins, just mail me for an Update swaplist Detail
New Zealand
Aidan Work Wellington British commonwealth banknotes,coins,postal orders,& traders' currency tokens Detail
Ali B. Karachi World coins of former countries or abolished monarchies. I sell my doubles. swapping with your world coins is also possible. Detail
João Ferreira(pescamoedas) Ourém Coins(euros, all of the world) Coins, stamps, phone cards Detail
Jean Paul Kigali Selling colletor items (african banknotes and coins, phonecards,mint postage stamps etc...)at attractive wholesale prices Selling rwanda,burundi, uganda, tanzania, congo kinshasa,kenya and other african countries banknotes and coins. old and current issues. ı cam offer other collectobles as well Detail
Ivan Ergelasev Zrenjanin World banknotes and silver coins. Mostly europian banknotes. banknotes and coins from serbia and yugoslavia. some phone cards. Detail
Francisco Garcia San Fernando I buy coins from all over the world. Detail
Gladdie Acepcion Bangkok Trading and swapping banknotes Thailand banknotes and from asia Detail
Atila Yıldız Ankara Ancient coins, old coins Detail
Birol Günseren Ankara World and euro coins Turkish republic coins Detail
Burak Balibey Ankara WPM dated before 1960, turkish papermoney Wpm dated before 1960, turkish papermoney Detail
Fatih Güzel Ankara World coins Buy, sell and swap Detail
Hakan Küçükçakır Ankara Turkey and Ottoman coins and banknotes Turkey And Ottoman coins and banknotes Detail
Yigit Altay Ankara Ilkhan coins Ancient and medieval coins Detail
Yunus Çetinkaya Ankara Ancient greek, roman and byzantium coins, ılkhanid, seljuk, ottoman coins Ancient greek, roman and byzantium coins, ılkhanid, seljuk, ottoman coins Detail
Nejdet Kandasi Antalya World coins, papermoney, books and all collectibles World coins, papermoney, books and all collectibles Detail
Galip Atlialp Balıkesir Swapping coins and banknotes order to date and sign Exchange in 1:1 basis Detail
Nuri Yungul Balıkesir Coins, banknotes, stamps and phonecards Turkish coins, banknotes, stamps, phonecards and postcards Detail
Baris Oguz Istanbul World coins and banknotes Coins, banknotes, postcards, phonecards Detail
Cuneyt Ozarıkan Istanbul Banknotes - phonecards Banknotes - coins - phonecards - and other collectibles Detail
Emre Anarat Istanbul Turkish and world banknotes Turkish and world banknotes and phonecards. trade and sell. pricelists, exchange and wholesale lists are available. please do not hesitate Detail
Halil Isikoglu Istanbul Coins, banknotes and ottoman medals Coins and banknotes... ı sell coins and banknotes. ı have a shop in kapalicarsi, ıstanbul Detail
Kagan Fuat Cilingiroglu Istanbul Banknotes of Israel I'm a collector, ready to exchange other currencies Detail
Metin Hazar Istanbul Ottoman coins and papermoney Ottoman coins and papermoney Detail
Serkan Sisman Istanbul World coins and banknotes World coins and banknotes Detail
Tolga Taner Istanbul Portuguese colonies coins World coins, banknotes and phonecards Detail
Umut Yashar Kiyikci Istanbul World banknotes.. ı'd like to exchange banknotes with collectors from all over the world World banknotes Detail
Vahe Tekartinyan Istanbul World coins by type from 1900 to present Turkish coins Detail
Yavuz Buyuktuncay Istanbul World coins, pre-decimal english coins and commonwealth World coins, coins and banknotes from turkey and ottoman empire Detail
Yucel Erdalli Istanbul Stamps, coins, banknotes, phonecards and teabags Stamps, phonecards and teabags Detail
Bahadır Han Gerez İstanbul Ancient and ottoman coins Generally I am buying. Detail
Guclu Kayral İzmir Ottoman banknotes Ottoman banknotes Detail
Turgay Sesyilmaz N/A Ottoman coins and banknotes. please only inform me if you have ottoman coins and banknotes xf or uncirculated Detail
Harun Can Trabzon Worldwide coins, banknotes, stamps. Banknotes, coins and stamps. Detail
United Arab Emirates
Mohammed Kamalboor Dubai Ancient, medieval, and modern ıslamic numismatics, anything from the umayyad caliphate to the ottoman protectorate in southeast asia by the name of the sultanate of aceh in modern-day ındonesia. Detail
United Kingdom
Kaveh Alafpour London All types of persian and ıranian coins specially before ıslamic period greek and seleucid coins Detail
Paul Anderson Redditch Roman coins/history Roman and ancient coins Detail
United States of America
Daryl S. Rhoades II Toledo, Ohio Ancient coinage, roman ımperial specialist, greek, roman provincial, byzantine, ancient to medieval chinese cash coins. expanding my interests. I don't sell. ı am a collector. Detail
Venecoins Barcelona World coins. fauna, flora (animals and plants) Venezuelan (south america) coins Detail
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