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Donations to Improve altaycoins.com


Hopefully altaycoins.com will serve as a general reference for all the fellow Ilkhan coin collectors and researchers. In contrast to common belief, I believe that information should be free and accesible for anyone who needs it. So all the images and information on the website is under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. It is completely free to use, and I am covering all the service and maintenance costs and I will continue to do that.

In June 2018, with the help of you, w e have raised 300 euros in 6 days to develop a search engine here! Thanks for everyone who contributed.

At any time I appreciate donations. If Paypal is not available in your country but still would like to contribute please send an email to info@altaycoins.com

Public List of Donors

I would like to express my sincere gratitudes to all of the contributors listed below.

Burak Cebeci 50 € Jun 26, 2018
Arda Tezcan 10 € Jun 26, 2018
Kürşat Duru 50 € Jun 26, 2018
Ertekin Yenisey 50 € Jun 26, 2018
Davit Mikeladze 20 € Jun 27, 2018
Mohammad Kamalboor 56.41 € Jun 27, 2018
Candemir Döğer 10 € Jun 29, 2018
Mete Çataloluk 150 TL July 2, 2018
Sinan Karahan 25 € July 3, 2018

Hello! I´m hoping that maybe I can help collectors to get coins that they would like to have in their collections and that they can help me to get coins that I want. You can find my doubles list below( just click and download the excel file). I suggest you to take a look and then e-mail me! I generally reply mail within 24 hours..

Catalog Number Picture Content Price
AC-NL2014BU All eight Dutch euro coins in 2014 (the 1 and 2 cent are not in circulation). Run only 25,000 pieces worldwide. 50.oo €
AC-NL2014INT All eight new Dutch euro coins in the quality Uncirculated (UNC). Supplied in collective packaging 15.oo €
AC-NL2014NB First official commemorative of 2014 in BU quality. Extremely graphic design, inspired by the guilder banknotes. Supplied in a colorful and numbered coin card packaging. Limited edition of 15,000 pieces.
20.oo €
AC-NL2014JK First special 2 euro coin of King Willem-Alexander. Portraits of the seven princes of the Netherlands, linked by a ribbon. In Brilliant Uncirculated quality. Supplied in official packaging (coincard), suitable for compilation. Circulation: 25,000 pcs.

20.oo €
AC-TR2012DS Uncirculated, 2012 State Mint set of Republic of Turkey 's 2012 circulation coins set and a silver mint token. 15.oo €
AC-TR2014DK Dogan Koleksiyon Para 2014 catalog. Turkish paper money and coins, Ottoman coins and more. 190 pages.
(Shipping to Turkey only)
10.oo €



Payment methods

I accept different payment methods.

You can pay your order by banktransfer from your bank account to mine. Transfers can be made to one of our accounts in the Netherlands. For other countries, please select the international transfer which is free of costs within Europe also. You will receive the bank account details in the email when you make an order; if you do not have this email anymore please contact us.
As of 01-03-2014 I also accept BitCoins. This digital currency is more and more accepted worldwide. A fee of 3% will be added to these payments. Payments are handled by a payment provider. You will receive a link by email for payment after placing an order.
I accept Paypal payments! Paypal is now available for international users. A fee of 3.5% or 4.9% will be added to these payments.


World Coins

I offer European coins (Dutch and Belgium coins specifically) even if you cannot find them in my double list. Just send me an e-mail to info@altaycoins.com.

Ilkhan Coins

If you offer Ilkhan coins, I am interested in buying. Please let me know.

Click to download the double list Law No. 2863 on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage ( In Turkish) Good Swappers Bad Swappers
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