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Yigit Altay was born in Ankara, Turkey, in 1988. He has started to make Turkish Republic Coins Collection in February 2004 and has got the ancient coins collector license from Turkish Republic Ankara Independence War and Republic Museum. With this license, he became the youngest ancient coin collector who holds this license in Turkey...

Coin Talks No.1: Daryl Rhoades II
In the first interview of Coin Talks series we are hosting Daryl Rhoades II, a collector and researcher of Roman Imperial coins. He is the administrator of ancientcoins Facebook group and runs the "Ancient Whitesheet" website where he developed the "Ancient Coin Visual Keyboard".
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Forum Ancient Coins is probably the biggest coin related website on the web. It covers entire Roman and Ancient Greek coinage and related numismatic subject.
Hopefully will serve as a general reference for all the fellow Ilkhan coin collectors and researchers. In contrast to common belief, I believe that information should be free and accesible for anyone who needs it.
It is hard to read Ilkhan coins. It might be complicated to understand where the mint, date and khan names written on coins, it is specially hard in the beginning... This website, which we are working on for the last few months, is growing with the help of excellent collectors around the world. Although it is not complete yet, I belive this version would readily serve as a good reference for Ilkhans.
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